> My Daddy Long Legs,Mr.Wu

members being playful and adorkable around an injured baby Tao during rehearsal

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ABC’s of Layhan: D for Dumb

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[TLP CHANGSHA] Seems like Luhan might have hurt his leg. He was gone for the entire ending talk and when he came back out during Lucky, everyone ran around but he stayed on the main stage not moving. Then Jongin got him a chair. After Luhan finished singing he was teary-eyed.

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Yixing: “Hey~ Lu-ge”

Luhan: “Yo baby”

(c) 小楠大北

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Jongdae being a chentle and caring hyung towards bb Taozi

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gentleman jongin grabbing a chair for his luhan hyung (who wasn't feeling well) and insisting he sit down

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Luhan helping Tao during rehearsals ~

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[TLP CHANGSHA] After talking to staff, fans confirmed that Luhan was feeling ill because of heatstroke. He already took medicine and is currently resting, so he’s okay!

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Close Up of Tao’s Injury





Wow, he really hurt himself.

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[INFO] SMROOKIES Johnny, Taeyong, Yuta, Ten & Jaehyun confirmed to appear in Episode 1 of EXO’s upcoming show EXO90:2014. To be aired on Aug 15, Fri, 10PM KST


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1. Singing Shaolin Soccer song

2. Thanking the curry fish balls vendor

3. Negotiating at Temple Street night market

4. Naming a dish at the restaurant

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We’re so proud of you…

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Stressed, depressed and too poor to be well dressed

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SM artists are literally that rich white kid that everyone thinks has perfect everything and then you find out that their home life is nothing but shit

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